MrBeast, a YouTuber, is investing his money in charitable causes.

The social media celebrity, who has the most subscribers on YouTube, recently revealed how he aided 1,000 blind individuals all around the world.

In the Jan. 28 video, MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, said, “They can’t see.” But we have the tools necessary to repair it.

In the film, a surgeon from the nonprofit SEE International claims that “those who need a 10-minute surgery account for half of all blindness.” The surgery, according to Mr. Beast, is an operation that concentrates on the eye lens.

If you’re wondering how the operation makes it possible for patients to see again, he explained that it does so because their eye’s lens is so foggy that they are unable to see through it. The surgeon then removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a synthetic one using a small vacuum.

In the video, MrBeast is seen conversing with patients whose surgeries he has funded, including Jeremiah, a fan who told the influencer that he has “been subscribing to you for like 11 years.”

Jeremiah has had visual problems all of his life because he has been blind in his right eye from birth, according to Mr. Beast. “This procedure only has a 50% chance of functioning because Jeremiah’s right eye never received light because he was born with cataracts,” the doctor said.

Jeremiah, who was visibly moved, remarked that “everything looks so more clear” following the operation’s success. Additionally, MrBeast awarded Jeremiah a $50,000 college scholarship to “make this day even more spectacular.”

MrBeast stated at the conclusion of the film that he wanted to “carry his efforts to other regions throughout the world,” thus he visited places including Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, and Vietnam.

Sadly, only about half of people with treatable blindness can receive this procedure, he noted. I therefore wanted to make this available to as many individuals as I could.


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