In an interview with CBS Mornings, non-binary British singer-songwriter Sam Smith said that the music business is “simply not used to queer musicians.”

Smith’s most recent album, “Gloria,” which was released on Friday, deviates from the musician’s signature ballads and sentimental love songs. Smith’s latest album chooses an edgier tone, for which they “worked so hard,” according to the musician.

According to Smith on CBS, “I felt this pressure that I primarily put on myself to do it every time and I was like ‘Okay, this is my ‘brand’ you know, I am ‘this’ and then the arts started to suffer as a result of that.

The album “Gloria” includes tracks including the massive hit “Unholy,” which gave Smith their first U.S. number one single.

Around the debut of “Gloria,” according to Smith, there was “a lot of dread.”

“In my opinion, it’s not fair to hold it against someone when they occasionally find something unattractive. Though there were some who simply didn’t like it, I had to sit there and say, “Wait, maybe you don’t like that because you don’t understand it.

Smith continued, “The music business is just not used to queer artists.

The “element of sex” was cited by Smith as the album’s biggest danger.

I’ve always been very sexual and open, and I’ve liked dancing, moving my body, singing, and creating songs that allow my body to move in front of people in such a thrilling way, Smith added.


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