Hugh Hefner treated Pamela Anderson utterly with respect.

In an interview with the U.K.’s The Sunday Times, the model/actress was questioned at one point “whether anyone had ever treated her with total and utter respect” during the course of her life and career. She responded, “Hugh Hefner,” after giving it some thought.

Anderson, who was 22 years old when she first appeared on the Playboy cover in 1989, recounted getting the call that founder/editor Hefner, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 91, wanted to fly her to Los Angeles so she could appear in the magazine.

“I was excruciatingly shy, and I loathed it. I did it for that reason. I simply didn’t want that sensation any longer. My first photo shoot opened up a small window for me into what it was like to be a sensual lady. My sexuality belonged to me. Anderson, who would later make an additional 14 appearances on the cover, declared, “I grabbed my authority back.

After accepting the Playboy role, she recently told a source, “I needed to reclaim my power back as a sexual being, as a woman. Even though I still didn’t like the photographs, I remember thinking they were alright as I was studying them. I realized later that I had “truly flipped the script.”

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She continued, “On the one hand, I felt exposed, but on the other hand, I thought, how could it get any worse than this?” And I’ll choose to use my own body if I have the option. I’m going to make my own decisions.

Following Hefner’s passing in 2017, Anderson wrote on Instagram in a since-deleted post, “I am me because of you. You gave me the most valuable lessons about respect and freedom. except my family. The most significant person in my life was you.

You gave me my life,” the Baywatch actor continued, adding, “Everything anyone loves about me is because you understood me. embraced me and exhorted me to be authentic. Love in a unique way. Live erratically with reckless abandonment. You mentioned that the magazine featured a female like myself. I’m the spirit you dreamed of being.” The one was me. You stated.

Hefner has been accused of several sexual assaults and of fostering a culture of sexual predatory behavior at his clubs and homes.

Both Pamela, a Love Story on Netflix and Anderson’s most recent memoir, Love, Pamela, are available on Tuesday, January 31.

She thinks that the book will be “empowering” for readers. “It’s kind of like the beginning of understanding my entire existence,” Anderson remarked. She stated, “I wanted to make sure it was from the heart,” as her main concern.


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