Young Thug’s trial is still ongoing, but in a recent video, the Atlanta rapper already appears worn out and fed up with court.

Although there have been many noteworthy events and crucial judgments, Thugger laid his head on a table as if he were bored with every one of them. Additionally, his attorneys claim that the most recent court antics he encountered were an unplanned drug trade that left him speechless.

They said that there had been no prior contact, solicitation, or request from Mr. Williams because it was quite evident from the photographs. Why the state would willfully misrepresent the cause of the interruption of court proceedings in its application when it knew that allegation was false is utterly puzzling.

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However, after co-defendant Kahlieff Adams attempted to give Thug a Percocet during a hearing, police searched Adams. They also discovered more medications and substances, including marijuana. Everyone is on alert about this case because YSL co-defendants have attempted to smuggle contraband before. Many people hope for YSL’s victory, but some people are more harshly critical of their behavior.

Nevertheless, Thug’s judge dismissed a number of jurors from the case after they had all asked to leave. Different people gave different justifications; some mentioned financial difficulty while others requested a dismissal due to recent surgery. It’s difficult to predict how these excuses may impact Thug’s case right now. Even though some of these jurors might have sided with the 31-year-old, the case is too close to call.

Additionally, readers were now more aware of the new developments in light of Thug’s recent rise to fame. Additionally, T.I. clarified why he didn’t offer 21 Savage or him any money as they went off.

“I find it honorable to be able to tell new artists, when they come up to me—you know. 21 Savage, [Young] Thug, a lot of ’em come up to me, ‘Ay man, just give me a million, Tip. Just give me a million. I don’t care what you do. Just give me a million and let me handle it from there.’”

“If I give you a million,” he continued, “I gotta take back some that’s gon’ be way more and we ain’t gon’ be able to be friends no more. And I always tell them, don’t worry about the money up front ’cause it gon’ come. I remember telling that to Slime, I remember telling that to 21. And even Savage, anytime he see me now, ‘Hey, it came.’ That put a smile on my face because I just know how impactful every generation has the opportunity to be. even more than the last.”


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