With the admission that a hacker was able to steal user information, including names, birth dates, and phone numbers from 37 million accounts, T-Mobile has disclosed the company’s second significant breach in less than two years.

The telecom behemoth said in a regulatory filing on Thursday that it presently thinks the attacker originally obtained data through one of its APIs around November 25th, 2022.

The attacker had access to the vulnerable API for more than a month, according to T-Mobile, which claims to have discovered suspicious activity on January 5. Within a day of the discovery, the company claims it tracked down the source of the illicit activity and corrected the API vulnerability. T-Mobile claims that no social security numbers, credit card numbers, government ID numbers, passwords, PINs, or financial information could have been accessed through the hacker’s usage of the API.

T-Mobile failed to mention that the breach affected 37 million accounts and that it went unnoticed for more than a month in a public press statement revealing the breach. Instead, the statement said that as soon as the company’s teams discovered the problem, they “shut it down within 24 hours.” Customers whose information may have been obtained in the hack have already been informed by T-Mobile.

The company stated in the filing that although its investigation is still underway, the malicious activity “appears to be completely limited at this time.” “At this time, there is no proof that the bad actor was successful in breaching or undermining our network or systems.”

Since 2018, T-Mobile has reported eight intrusions, with earlier incidents exposing customer call records in January 2021, credit application data in August 2021, and customer information being accessed and SIM-swapping attacks carried out by a “unknown actor” in December 2021. The hacker collective Lapsus$ obtained T-source Mobile’s code in April of last year after buying employee login information online.


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