Kiss me, baby, one more time.

In a recent interview with E! News, Jennifer Lopez stated that she and Britney Spears, not Christina Aguilera, were intended to kiss Madonna during the 2003 Video Music Awards.

Instead, near the conclusion of the legendary VMA performance, Madonna made out with singer Aguilera and surprised onlookers all around the world.

The “Jenny From the Block” singer explained, “I was making a movie in Canada and we had met to do it — me, her and Britney — at her home. And because I was unable to leave the movie, Christina was brought in to finish it.

The Post has contacted Madonna’s team to get confirmation of Lopez’s eye-opening statement.

During the conversation, Lopez sang Madonna’s praises and that she had always been a “big fan” of the performer.

Spears’ 2003 performance, in which she emerged from a wedding cake dressed as a bride and sang “Like a Virgin,” was a parody of Madonna’s 1984 performance, in which she performed the same stunt. Once the music legend, 64, leaned over for the make-outs, Aguilera and Madonna both joined him on stage.

Aguilera claimed that she kissed Madonna on stage, but the video of the encounter was only partially preserved.

Later, in a radio interview, Aguilera admitted, “It was weird.” And you’re aware of the reason they cut away for it? due to the fact that they cut away to capture Justin Timberlake’s response.

Spears and Madonna reenacted their famous kiss in June during the latter’s celebrity-studded California wedding reception to Sam Asghari. Spears shared the photo of them making out on Instagram while donning a low-cut, red Versace minidress.

A post shared by Channel 8 (@britneyspears)

Madonna, the one and only, being kissed!!! In part, Spears wrote in the caption. I was unaware that Madonna has nearly as many number-one hits as The Beatles. She was so honored to attend my wedding. point of view Miss Thang has 12 and The Beatles have 20!

The legendary VMA kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna was converted into an NFT in 2021, which means that someone now owns the digital version of the popular moment.

The LGBTQ rights group GLAAD received the funds from the auction of the NFT.


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