The Beatles’ record label, Apple, was “mad,” says Tony King.

The former music executive described how the Fab Four’s headquarters was a hive of “lovely” chaos with Sir Ringo Starr getting his toilet paper delivered there and a buzzed Keith Moon, the late drummer for the Who, competing in an industry-wide darts tournament. It was Sir Ringo who persuaded him to become the head of A+R.

“It was so ridiculous, Apple,” the 79-year-old executive told the Guardian newspaper. Every Friday, Ringo’s shopping had to be done by the unfortunate office lad. While they counted them out to make sure they had the correct number for Ringo, all of these toilet paper rolls would be stacked in the lobby.

But the crazy side of it was beautiful. We used to compete against various record labels with our Apple darts squad. When Keith Moon arrived eager to perform, the office boys had to hold him up so he could throw a dart since he was so inebriated.

Additionally, Tony mentioned how, while working with the late John Lennon in Los Angeles, he showed him his “vulnerable” side. John Lennon was a member of the genre-defying 1960s band along with Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

I knew him back in the 1960s, and he could be pretty cutting,” he remarked. He was intimidating to me. I expected a quick-witted Liverpudlian when I moved to LA, but what I got was a really weak, fragile individual. I found it hard to believe.

Next month, Tony will publish his autobiography, “The Tastemaker,” in which he discusses working with some of the biggest musical acts of the 20th century, including Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, and his time spent partying in New York with Andy Warhol. Tony also praised his “brave” friend, late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, who battled AIDS before passing away in 1991.

So courageous, Tony said. purchasing artworks at Christie’s auctions till the very end. I used to grip his bone-cold, stone-cold hand while lying on the bed next to him.

They would bring the paintings he had purchased inside and set them up at the foot of the bed for him to view. “Fred, why are you doing this?” I questioned. And he responded, “What else must I do?” I’m unable to leave the bed or the house, but at least I can go shopping. He possessed a magnificent, unbreakable spirit.


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