MBW’s Stat Of The Week is a weekly series in which we highlight a single data item that demands the worldwide music industry’s attention. Cinq Music Group, a technology-driven record label, distribution, and rights management organization, sponsors Stat Of The Week.

On-demand song streams in the United States increased 12.2% in 2022, led by superstars such as Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift.

According to Luminate (previously MRC Data / Nielsen Music), which released its Year-End report for 2022 on Wednesday (January 11, 2023), which can be downloaded here.

Last year, that 12.2% increase amounted to 1.3 trillion on-demand (Audio + Video) song streams in the United States.

Globally, total on-demand song streams (Audio + Video) increased by 25.6% in 2022 to reach 5.3 trillion, up from 4.2 trillion in 2021. (see below).

According to Luminate’s research, global on-demand audio song streams increased 22.6% year on year to 3.4 trillion.

Meanwhile, on-demand video song streams increased 31.2% to 1.9 trillion in 2022.

On-demand audio streams in the United States increased 12.1% to 1.1 trillion.

TAC of all music in the United States increased 9.2% to 974.9 million album-sale-equivalent units in 2022. (see below).

Luminate’s ‘Total Album Consumption’ (TAC) measure aggregates all on-demand track streaming, downloads, and album sales in digital and physical media.

The ‘TAC’ algorithm translates one album’sale’ to 1,250 premium streams or 3,750 ad-supported streams.

It also compares 10 digital track purchases/downloads to one’sale’ of an album.

Catalog music accounted for 703.9 million (72.2%) of the 974.9 million album-sale-equivalent (TAC) units sold in 2022.

This suggests that ‘Current’ Music will account for 27.8% of Total Album Consumption in the United States in 2022, or 270.9 million TAC units.

According to Luminate’s analysis, although the popularity of ‘Current’ music increased by 0.5% in the United States in 2022, the popularity of ‘Catalog’ music increased by 12.9%. (see below).

Anything released within the previous 18 months that has been streamed, downloaded, or purchased is considered “Current” by Luminate.

When it is streamed, downloaded, or purchased, anything older than 18 months is referred as as “Catalog.”

Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny, which received 3.4 million total album consumption units in the US and 4.266 billion on-demand audio streams, was in first place on the Year End “Top Albums” ranking (Album + TEA + On-Demand SEA).

Since its release, Un Verano Sin Ti songs have received over 1 in every 14 Latin audio and video streams, according to Luminate.

Midnights by Taylor Swift, with 3.294 million TAC units registered across 2022, came in at No. 2. According to Luminate, the album garnered 1.791 billion on-demand audio streams and 1.8 million album sales (see below).

The total album consumption for Harry Styles’ Harry’s House in 2022 was 2.204 million, with 1.836 billion on-demand audio streaming and 757,000 album sales.


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