Cardi B and Offset are expected to appear in a McDonald’s commercial during Super Bowl LVII in February. According to TMZ, the couple shot the commercial around Christmas and will debut it for the first time during the country’s biggest sporting event of the year.

There are few details available about the clip’s content or what viewers can expect, but the theme is said to be inspired by Valentine’s Day and will only feature the married couple. The commercial was shot by a small crew but is being billed as a massive undertaking that is expected to make a big impact and garner rave reviews once it is released to the public.

Cardi B’s Super Bowl commercial will be her second, while Offset’s will be his first. Cardi previously appeared in a 2019 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, which featured Steve Carell and Lil Jon and was based on her popular “Okurrr” catchphrase.

The Bronx native’s endorsement of McDonald’s follows her recent breakup from Reebok, with whom she entered a collaboration in 2018. This is Cardi B’s most recent business partnership. Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky stated, “We’re extremely appreciative for our work with Cardi over the years. “Working with someone as enthusiastic, well-known, and skilled as her is an incomparable experience and will undoubtedly have a long-lasting effect on the brand,” says the author.

The 30-year-old recently released images of the second installment of her “Let Me Be…Next Level Energy” campaign, which was her final collection with the company. Cardi said at the time, “I had to make sure we elevated it to the next level for my final collection with Reebok. “I needed everything to be as huge, bold, and joyful as we could make it,” the designer said of the jumpsuit and slides.


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