Soulja Boy has decided to help Megan Thee Stallion after observing that the Houston rapper is not receiving any support from the rap scene.

The Grammy winner’s suspected shooter, Tory Lanez, was convicted of all charges in December, and the 32-year-old musician shared his opinion on the case on Instagram.

“Y’all ni**as are out here shooting bi**hes, and nobody is going to speak up?” I’m the only ni**a in the entire rap game who will speak up? Ok, cool,” the rapper from “Crank That” said. There is some truth to this assertion, despite the fact that he frequently claims to have been the first to perform things that others had already done.

Regarding the July 2020 shooting, there has been a deafening quiet over the past few years. In addition, a number of artists and public people have come forth on Tory’s behalf and implied that the “Savage” rapper was lying.

Big Draco noticed that as well and was not shy about addressing it. “Well, Tory Lanez you a bih,” he said. “You a bih nia on me. Y’all watched this nia shoot this bih and everybody said, ‘He ain’t do it.’ Man, fk yall lame a** ni**as.”

The Atlanta rapper took things a step further and even threatened violence against the Sorry 4 What artist.

“You want to shoot bihes in the feet nia? Yous a puy nia and when you get from jail nia you know where I’m at. You got a problem nia I’ll beat your bih a nia. Don’t never rap over none of my beats, don’t never freestyle over none of my beats. You trash nia, your music trash, your career trash, your whole life trash.”

Rapper Monaleo recently addressed the issue in an interview with The Hollywood Groupchat on January 3. The Houston rapper questioned, “At what point can people empathize with the human being?” in regard to the ongoing online abuse Megan Thee Stallion endured despite losing her mother early in her career and the case as a whole. “It was sad that people could still find it in their nasty, rotten a** spirits and souls to want to tear her apart.”

On December 23, 2022, Tory Lanez was found guilty of assault with a semiautomatic handgun, keeping a loaded, unregistered firearm in a moving vehicle, and using a firearm carelessly. The artist from Brampton could receive up to 22 years in prison and be deported.


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