While feuding with a 19-year-old girl as a 36-year-old man is bad enough, Tate’s post got him in a lot of trouble. In fact, authorities were able to figure together Tate’s position thanks to the takeout cartons in front of him. He was then brought in as part of a human trafficking investigation.

Later, the former reality star’s brother suffered the same fate. Since April, Romanian police have been investigating the siblings. Andrew and Tristan are both accused of sexual assault, organized crime, and other offenses.

Authorities previously filed search warrants at five different homes. Four individuals are being questioned, including two Britons and two Romanians. They are currently scheduled to appear in court later on Friday (December 30). Tate’s lawyer unequivocally states, “He was not arrested. He was jailed for twenty-four hours.”

Currently, available videos show some of the raids taking place, including footage of nameless men being patted down.

Tate published a statement from his personal Twitter account early Friday, albeit it is unclear if he was the one who posted it. “The Matrix dispatched their agents,” it says.

Furthermore, authorities believe two of the accused misled their victims “into believing that they wanted to enter into a marriage/cohabitation relationship” when they were transported to Romania. Those same ladies were afterwards allegedly sexually exploited using physical violence and coercion.

The DIICOT said on Thursday (December 29) that the four suspects will be detained for 24 hours following questioning. At this time, no additional information has been released.

Finally, see below for more replies to Andrew Tate’s charges of human trafficking. After that, please share your ideas in the comments.


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