Following the deaths of two persons at a Cousin Stizz concert in Atlanta in 2017, Sony Music Holdings was sentenced to pay $160 million in damages.

According to AllHipHop, on December 15, a verdict was reached that held Sony partially responsible for failing to protect concertgoers. The sum also includes two additional merged lawsuits in which Sony is being sued on identical grounds.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken. There was a shooting in the audience before I took the stage in Atlanta tonight, and two people were killed and two others were injured… “I’m in stunned and speechless over the senseless brutality,” he added.

The Beasley Allen Law Firm filed the complaint in June 2018. As defendants, Sony, RCA Records, Live Nation, and Masquerade were all listed. Beasley Allen outlined how the verdict was reached in a statement.

“Clearly, these types of events do not occur frequently. “This was a mass shooting at a crowded concert,” according to the firm. “There were several deaths, and Gio and Wells suffered greatly before succumbing to their injuries, as eyewitnesses described. Because of what these families and the world lost, the trial was extremely emotional.”

“One of these individuals had been told he would be a parent just a few hours before the shooting,” Allen stated. Combine that with the fact that the performance put everyone in risk, and this Defendant refused to cooperate in the judicial process, and you have the type of verdict we got here.”

The monies will be utilized to recompense the families of the victims. Sony has yet to respond to the decision.


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