Regardless of your feelings about him, Drake is still one of the most dominant acts in mainstream music history.

Despite being in the game for nearly a decade, he continues to top the charts and generate remarkable sales and streaming statistics with each new release. But he didn’t come this far without a lot of devotion and hard work.

Pages of the Toronto superstar’s old handwritten lyrics were reportedly discovered in a dumpster, according to TMZ. The Take Care singer was purportedly working on songs in his uncle’s Memphis factory at the time of these lyrics. When it shut down, the pages ended up in the trash.

It’s difficult to say exactly when the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper wrote the lyrics. However, one of the pages has the lyrics to a song titled “Come Spring.” There’s a song named “Come Winter” on Drizzy’s debut mixtape, 2006’s Room For Improvement.

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“We’re in the age of conflict and knowledge / But we’re trapped in this cage of barbed wire and wreckage with the freedom to go to college / The freedom to indulge and dissolve ourselves in the process / The law says / You have witnessed / an audience in the race of silence,” Drake wrote on one of the pages as a young man.

The notebook is being sold by Moments In Time, a well-known legitimate autograph and memorabilia vendor. According to reports, the price is $20,000.

For the 36-year-old OVO icon, this has been a successful 2022. In November, he set another Billboard record by being the first artist to hold at least eight of the top ten songs on the Hot 100 list at the same time on two separate occasions. This accomplishment is due to his most recent record, the 21 Savage collaboration Her Loss. Furthermore, with 411,000 copies sold, the album has the largest opening week for a hip-hop/R&B album in 2022.

Would you consider purchasing this piece of music history if you had a spare $20,000? Please let us know in the comments section below. Finally, be sure to check out our latest holiday playlist here.


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