Rapper Logic has expressed his opinions on the genre, saying that he doesn’t perceive it as a competition because he wants to see everyone in it flourish.

Logic, while in a bathrobe, raps about being a rapper by day and a “parent by night” in a new freestyle titled “Like a Playwright” posted on his Instagram. He also urges others to spend time with their families this holiday season.

Logic raps, “Stay Black brothers and sisters is how we stay right/Logic known for crafting stories like a playwright/ It’s that Midnight Murderer shit that flows seamlessly over the beats and is kind of like a cooperation. I never even considered it since, for me, it’s not a competition and I want all of my brothers to succeed.

Check out “Like a Playwright” below:

A post shared by Logic (@logic)

In the latest rap, Logic also gives a shout-out to his son Bobby, who he has been teaching production skills to over the past few months. The Maryland rapper gave his two-year-old kid, who he and wife Brittney Noell welcomed in 2020, a drum kit in a video that he posted to Instagram back in November.

Just press these here,” Logic instructs his young son in the video as he fiddles with the various buttons. All about the colors, darling.

Juicy Three Six Mafia’s J, who appeared to be taken aback by what he witnessed, hopped into the comments section to ask about buying a beat from Logic’s son. In his message, he added, “Mane that’s great tell lil Bobby I need a beat for my upcoming album.”

After wrapping up his North American Vinyl Verse Tour with Wiz Khalifa earlier this year, Logic released his most recent Instagram bars. The tour began on July 27 and ended on September 2 in St. Louis, Missouri. Along the road, there were other appearances by 24kGoldn, DJ Drama, Fedd The God, and C Dot Castro. Berner and Rubi Rose also gave performances on a few limited occasions.

A number of celebrities, including Action Bronson, Russ, Curren$y, RZA, AZ, The Game, and others made appearances throughout the tour in promotion of Logic’s album Vinyl Days, which was released on June 17. He quit Def Jam earlier this year in favor of an agreement at BMG that would allow him to own his masters, and the project served as his final Def Jam release.

Logic hasn’t changed labels since releasing his debut album, Under Pressure, on Def Jam in 2014. His switch to BMG is his first such move since then.

Logic responded to the action in a statement by saying, “There’s a lot of nonsense in the music business.” I’m really happy to move on to a position where I can feel independent, recognized as an artist, and in charge of my career.

Meanwhile, Logic recently enlisted Grammy-winning musician Norah Jones to assist him in creating an acoustic version of his popular song “Fade Away.”

Jones welcomed the rapper to her Norah Jones is Playing Along podcast, where they conversed and made personal, stripped-down renditions of the rapper’s songs.

On Tuesday (December 27), a video for their performance of “Fade Away” was made available; you can view it here.

The Incredible True Story, Logic’s smash sophomore album, which opened at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and was later awarded platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America, featured “Fade Away” as its third single (RIAA).


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