Because he doesn’t want to boast about “how good” he is, Kendrick Lamar is generally silent on social media.

Devout Christian hip-hop megastar wouldn’t want to use applications like Instagram to “get lost in [his] ego.”

He admitted to the New York Times that he rarely uses social media.

“Because I know, like, I can smell my own s*** really readily.

“I know … I don’t know whether I’m one of those guys that is like, “Oh, yes, I know how good I am, but I also know the reason why I’m so good is because God has given me with the talent to execute on the talent, and the moment that you start getting lost in your ego, that’s when you start falling down.”

In the meantime, Kendrick’s children encouraged him to release his most recent album, “Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers,” when he was having second thoughts about it.

The 35-year-old rapper, who is engaged to Whitney Alford and has two young children together, recently explained: “When I got to completion and I said, “I may or may not put this out; I’m not going to put this out; it’s much too much, I worried about my children.

“I considered how they will react when they reach 21, when they become older, when I have grandkids, or if I pass away much before then. For me, that is its beauty.

Kendrick’s children taught him the meaning of unrestricted love.

The rapper of “Humble” thinks it’s crucial to let his family to develop and go through their own experiences.

He stated: “We often experiment with ideas before deciding whether they are genuine or not until we actually feel them.

“My children have helped me to put my ego aside as they grow and learn to walk and talk as human beings and realize that they will one day be independent adults just like me.


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