superior to before! Two years after their wedding, David Harbour and Lily Allen are even closer.

According to an insider, “Lily and David are a beautiful team; they’re madly in love and so thrilled to have discovered each other.”

“David and Lily are wildly attracted to each other, their chemistry is off the charts, but they’re also best friends who can have as much fun hanging out in front of the TV or baking with the kids together as they can on any five-star night out,” the insider continued, adding that Harbour, 47, and Allen, 37, have adapted well to married life.

The duo has had an impact on each other’s life since they began dating in 2019. The insider goes on to say, “Both of them are reformed hell-raisers who get more of a pleasure out of the pure and significant things in life now. They enjoy playing games, going on excursions, working out hard, and reading a lot. Even though balancing their occupations is challenging, they have managed to do so and are now happier than ever.

Less than a year after the actor proposed, Harbour and Allen wed in Las Vegas in September of 2020. The singer’s kids Ethel, 11, and Marnie, 9, whom she shares with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, now have a stepfather in the Stranger Things actor.

The Marvel actor was described as “amazing” in his new role as a stepparent by the insider. The insider said, “He’s worked so hard to get to know them and build up trust over a continuous period of time. [The girls] simply adore him.”

In a July 2021 episode of the podcast “That Scene With Dan Patrick,” the Emmy nominee remarked regarding Hopper and Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) relationship, “The idea that this guy was evolving into a father, it’s sort of something my subconscious was calling out to do.” “I believe that something in Hopper had a strong need for family. And I wasn’t aware that something within me also possessed it. I was able to do that in my real life because to [this] role.

I’ve always been a single man who has been single for a very long time. He explained on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in June 2021, “I’ve always been an artist, and I wanted to travel the world and do my work. “I’ve never really desired children. Now I understand why everyone has children. You transfer the torch to these other people because it’s sort of like the meaning of life. You love them more than you could ever love yourself, and since I love myself so much, I never imagined it was possible with anyone. But it’s really rather lovely. I have a new love that I’ve never had, and my heart is just completely torn apart.


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