Akon claims that he totally supports Nick Cannon’s decision to father nearly a dozen kids by various women. During a recent interview on The Zeze Millz Show, the “Locked Up” singer talked about the circumstance.

One thousand percent, I concur with him, Akon remarked. That is how life should be, I believe. why not He’s wealthy. He is accountable. He looks after each of the kids individually. along with the mothers of the children. They suffer needlessly while enjoying comfortable lives!

Following that, Millz and Akon talked about what a parent should do for his child.

You attend every recital, therefore, each and every time? Millz questioned the performer.

“No, that’s something white men do. Who cares if there’s a recital? Akon answered. “No, for real. Listen, my job is to teach my children to be responsible, understanding, people who will protect their mother, help their father, and plan their families responsibly. Guess what now? If I have the time to do that and show love while I’m taking care of my responsibility to make sure the family has a roof over their heads and food, then I will. However, it is my duty to make sure they develop into strong, responsible adults.

Nick Cannon recently acknowledged that he will be flying “all over” to spend time with his children over the Christmas season.

Akon has recently defended a number of other famous people in addition to Nick Cannon. He earlier this month also helped Kanye West.

Below, you can see Akon’s appearance on The Zeze Millz Show.


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