No matter how well-known Beyoncé may be, Tina Lawson will always talk about her oldest child. This time, Ms. Tina sat down for REVOLT x Michelle Obama: The Cross-Generational Conversation with a former First Lady. Kelly Rowland, Winnie Harlow, and H.E.R. were among the other guests on the special, which Angie Martinez hosted.

Several ladies discussed parenting and how to strike a balance between protecting one’s children and allowing them to make errors throughout the talk. Lawson mentioned a time in Beyoncé’s youth and used the singer as an example. Lawson claimed that Bey was merely a want tobe singer who felt inferior to a more talented voice.

They don’t feel entitled to anything because of the balance, according to Lawson. Beyoncé was initially a member of the group, but another vocalist was added since she had a “better voice” and was a little older.

There was skepticism that a singer could have been greater than Beyoncé, yet it was true at the time.

Lawson said, “She was much older and stronger.” She remembers her kid saying, “That’s not fair because I took her there and, you know, they’re not even saying thank you, and now she’s just singing all the lead,” when she returned home.

Just standing by Beyoncé when she was young and frustrated could have made things easier. But Ms. Tina didn’t decide to do that.

She added, “I’m like, you know what, I would go enroll in those vocal lessons. And because the world isn’t fair, I’d just work twice as hard. For that age, that lesson was incredibly difficult.

Little Beyoncé expressed her hatred for her mother and didn’t seem to learn her lesson. She added, “You’re not my best friend and I despise you,” as well.

When your children tell you that you are not their best friend, Lawson threw in. I don’t want to be your best friend, so there. It was a lesson that Bey undoubtedly applied to her career as a whole.

View the entire exchange above.


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