It has been revealed that British director Mike Hodges passed away at the age of 90. Hodges’ career included crime dramas, sci-fi, horror, and exciting space operas. He is most recognized for his work on Get Carter and Flash Gordon.

Hodges was born in Bristol in 1932, and in 1968 he directed the TV series adaptation of the children’s adventure The Tyrant King, which launched his career as a director. With Get Carter, which starred Michael Caine as London mobster Jack Carter who travels back to Newcastle in search of vengeance for his brother’s mysterious death, he made his feature film debut.

With praise for its atmosphere, its intensity, and Caine’s harsh portrayal, the movie is still regarded as a classic of the British criminal genre. From there, Hodges went on to direct the comedy-thriller Pulp, which featured Caine once more, and then, in 1974, he adapted Michael Crichton’s sci-fi horror novel The Terminal Man. He was hired to be the director of Damien: The Omen II, but he abandoned the film soon after it began production due to disagreements with the producers. He was given a writing credit instead.

Hodges was the director of the colorful, cult classic space opera Flash Gordon from 1980, which continues to influence modern filmmakers. The film, which was adapted from 1930s comic strips, received praise for both its colorful visuals and its tone, which leaned heavily toward the pulpy excesses of the original material. After Flash Gordon, Hodges went on to direct five more movies: Morons From Outer Space in 1985, A Prayer For The Dying in 1987, Black Rainbow in 1989, and two more crime flicks, Croupier in 1998 and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead in 2003, to cap off his career. After that, Hodges retired, but in the years that followed he continued to think back on his career, speaking to the Empire Podcast in early 2022 for the 4K reissue of Get Carter.

Hodges had a significant impact on the British and global film industries, and his works are still regarded as masterpieces today. His buddy, family, and loved ones are in our thoughts.


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