In the debate for the GOAT, Lionel Messi has distanced himself from Ronaldo. Despite the odds, Messi defeated France 4-3 on Sunday to win his first World Cup.

The Argentine great scored two goals throughout the game and also converted a penalty to secure the victory.

This was a significant triumph for Argentinians. Fans are thrilled since it is their first World Cup triumph in 36 years. Overall, it was a fantastic game with Messi and Kylian Mbappe going head-to-head. It was also among the most exhilarating championship games ever played.

Messi received a lot of encouragement from his wife Antonella and their three children throughout the World Cup. Because of her constant nervousness, Antonella was a fixture at every game. Her reactions told you everything you needed to know about how much this meant to her.

On Sunday, though, Antonella had every reason to rejoice. Messi’s longterm partner and their three children were frequently pictured celebrating the victory with him. Overall, it was a significant occasion for the Messi family, and they will never forget it.

Yesterday was truly fantastic for Messi supporters, and that won’t ever change. Messi is currently the GOAT of soccer, it can be said with confidence. Hopefully, the Ronaldo supporters out there will eventually come around on this.


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