In the future, Soulja Boy plans to create his own social networking app and discontinue using Twitter. Soulja is particularly dissatisfied with the way Musk has handled the website.

Soulja tweeted on Friday, “Bro leave twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing?” Added, “Wow… This is just unbelievable. I’m going to make my own app, so screw it.

After that, Soulja said that for the time being, fans can find him on Instagram.

Bye Twitter, catch me on Instagram until my app launches, he continued.

Elon Musk apparently informed staff that “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question” despite only recently paying $44 billion for Twitter, according to various reports.

According to Musk, “We just obviously need to bring in more money than we spend,” as reported by The Verge. If we don’t do that and the cash flow is severely negative, bankruptcy is a possibility. That is a top concern. We are unable to scale to 1 billion consumers while suffering severe losses in the process. That is not practical. We won’t, in my opinion.

Accordingly, the new owner made the decision to introduce a new $8 cost for Twitter Blue, enabling all users to gain site verification. The platform has recently undergone continuous improvements that have been made in full view of the users to the way the new system functions. Overall, the change has caused uncertainty, leading to the validation of numerous spoof accounts.

Rappers other than Soulja Boy have criticized Musk’s management of the website. Similar to Doja Cat, who was frustrated by her inability to change her username, the billionaire and Doja Cat had a back-and-forth conversation on the app.


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