Ashton Kutcher is speaking up about a health scare he had in 2019 and how his wife Mila Kunis was crucial to his recovery, according to his doctor.

The actor has a rare type of the inflammatory disease vasculitis, which he first discussed on an episode of National Geographic’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge in August.

The condition develops when the body’s immune system unintentionally targets its own blood vessels, leading to inflammation and vascular narrowing.

The “terrifying, life-threatening” encounter for Ashton, 44, came on suddenly, he admitted in an open interview for the pilot episode of Paramount Plus’ The Checkup with Dr. David Agus.

In a recording provided by CBS News, he told Agus, “I got up one day and was experiencing visual troubles, could hardly see. knocked off my hearing, which affected my balance and equilibrium and left me unable to move.

According to Agus, Ashton has made “amazing” strides with both his eyesight and hearing after his year-long battle against the condition in 2019, according to Entertainment Tonight.

There seems to be only one individual who can truly be thanked for the actor from Butterfly Effect being able to make such advancements.

Agus remarked, “I will say, your wife was great. “I simply snuggled up next to you. It was breathtaking to witness.

Ashton concurred, stating, “She’s the best,” describing his wife of seven years.

Following his battle with vasculitis, the Jobs actor earlier claimed he felt “fortunate to be alive.” He talked more about how he was feeling while he battled the illness in his interview with Agus.

He replied, “There’s a standard you develop in your life, like being able to see properly. “Then all of a sudden, your vision is obscured as though by an obstruction. You then ask, “Why the f—- aren’t you talking louder, since I can’t hear you?” You wish to regain your former level of health.”

Ashton’s aggravation led him to set a challenging goal, such as finishing the New York City marathon. He accomplished this achievement in November and raised more than $1 million for his nonprofit Thorn, which defends children from sexual abuse.

Ashton said to Agus that “part of it is this mental problem I have surrounding reaching a full comeback from waking up at the hospital.” “I couldn’t walk and thought, “Wait a minute, if I can go from being unable to walk to running a marathon in three years, then I can let it be a part of the past and be like, “I’m back.” I’m fine.”

Ashton Kutcher discussed his relationship with his twin brother Michael Kutcher, who was born with cerebral palsy, in the same episode.

The brothers’ talk with Agus—the first recorded interview they’ve given together—sparked a candid and emotional exchange despite the fact that the two have experienced ups and downs in their relationship.

Ashton was wiping away tears when Michael grasped her hands and recalled the terrifying moment when he “flatline[d]” in the hospital. The actor sobbed, “Everything is not okay.”

Stars including Oprah Winfrey, Amy Schumer, Jane Fonda, Maria Shriver, and Howie Mandel will also discuss their own health challenges with cancer specialist Agus in the new Paramount Plus series.

Often for the first time in such a detailed fashion, “these artists were willing to take us deep into their own health issues,” Agus added. Although ultimately uplifting and encouraging, their experiences are engrossing and frightening.

The Checkup With Dr. David Agus episode starring Ashton Kutcher is currently available to stream on Paramount Plus.


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