According to the settlement, if they ever have a disagreement over their children, they will have to go to mediation.

No matter which parent has custody at the time, both parents are permitted to attend their children’s school functions. Both parents get access to their kids “on important days like birthdays and, if they should both wish, they can celebrate together,” according to the settlement.

According to the paperwork, the couple waived spousal support.

The former couple, who were wed on May 24, 2014, gave December 26, 2020 as the date of their split. According to the records, Kardashian’s maiden name was reinstated and she was officially recognized as being single in March 2022.

The founder of Skims stated in the divorce file from February that her ex-husband caused her “emotional pain” during the divorce, according to information from a different source.

“I want to get divorced extremely badly. Kanye has refused my request for him to keep our divorce a secret. Kanye has been posting a lot of inaccurate material on social media about our private family concerns and co-parenting, which has caused emotional pain, she claimed.

Ye’s use of hate speech and abuse was prohibited by Instagram in March. Additionally, following his anti-Semitic rants in October, his Twitter and Instagram accounts were shut.

Kardashian continued to “take the high road” and support her ex while they shared parenting of their children in the meantime.

“It’s the father of my children, and no matter what happens, I’m just hopeful. I’ll guard you always “On her daytime talk show in March, she disclosed this to Ellen DeGeneres. “I always want my children to experience only the finest.” I simply try to ignore it and do what’s best for the kids, despite how challenging it might be at times. Go the moral route.

We all know someone who has gone through a really trying time in a relationship, and everyone has survived, she said. Just be a decent person and you’ll get it back, so you just have to, like, let yourself go and open yourself up to receiving something.