On Wednesday, Israel Adesanya was arrested at JFK airport for criminal possession of a weapon. Adesanya was arrested at TSA while attempting to pass through with metal knuckles, just days after losing at UFC 281.

Adesanya was apprehended by the Port Authority Police Department at the TSA screening area of the American Airlines terminal. In New York, wearing brass knuckles is a class A misdemeanor.

Taking brass knuckles in your carry-on bag is illegal, according to TMZ, but there are no specifics on where Adesanya kept the knuckles.

A fan gave Israel a gift, which he put in his luggage,” Israel Adesanya’s manager, Tim Simpson, told TMZ. “When the item was flagged at the airport, Israel quickly removed it and cooperated with authorities.” He has complied, and the case has been dismissed, and he is on his way home.”