For three blockbuster films, Eddie Redmayne was the focal point of the Fantastic Beasts film trilogy.

The actors are certainly put through their paces when filming a magical franchise. It’s not always easy being in such a large, fantastical film series, whether it’s dealing with the awkwardness of holding a magic wand for the first time or reacting to CGI elements added later in the production process. However, Redmayne was able to think of new ways to make the process as easy as possible for him, and was once able to avoid spending an entire film soaked in water.

The Danish Girl actor recently spoke with Vanity Fair about some of the most pivotal moments in his illustrious acting career. Redmayne mentioned how, while playing Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter prequel series, he once improvised a way to make one of the films easier on himself as an actor. Apparently, he magically kept himself from getting wet for the duration of the film. The actor elaborated:

You were also allowed a lot of freedom. I remember there being one day when my character was down in his case and there was a creature, The Thunderbird, that when he gets sort of stressed, rain pours from him. And I was meant to get drenched. I’m saying to David Yates, the director, ‘If I’m drenched, that’s fine, but I’m going to be drenched for the rest of the movie.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a thing.’ It was early on and I didn’t know how much you were allowed input as an actor and I was like, ‘There’s no chance I could just change my wand into sort of invisible umbrella is there?’

There are several spells in the Harry Potter universe that allow wizards to do all sorts of spells to get them out of difficult magical situations. An umbrella spell definitely isn’t out of the realm of possibility in the Wizarding World, and a very clever solution to being drenched throughout the movie. While Redmayne was clearly willing to be wet if that was required of him, as he is a professional, the solution was definitely a better option for everyone involved. Director David Yates was receptive to this, as Redmayne went on to say:

In the Harry Potter universe, there are several spells that allow wizards to cast various spells to help them get out of difficult magical situations. An umbrella spell isn’t out of the question in the Wizarding World, and it’s a very clever solution to being drenched throughout the film. While Redmayne was clearly willing to get wet if necessary, as a professional, the solution was clearly a better option for everyone involved. As Redmayne went on to say, director David Yates was open to this.

He was like, ‘Yeah, great do it.’ You could just see the Vis FX be like, ‘Oh, Ok!’ Throughout that experience, David, our director, allowed your input.

Fantastic Beasts appears to have been a very collaborative set, which made the production process more enjoyable for everyone. When the director is adaptable, a slew of creative ideas can be encouraged, such as a magical umbrella that keeps the star dry. Yates has directed several films in the Harry Potter universe, including the final four films. He must be at ease working within this universe, which may make him more at ease with actors taking creative license.

It’s unclear whether more Fantastic Beasts films will be made in the future. Redmayne has stated that he is unsure what the future of his involvement in the franchise holds. Furthermore, Yates appears to be taking on more original film projects, so even if development continues, it may be some time before Fantastic Beasts 4 hits theaters. However, it is hoped that Redmayne and Yates will work together again soon, as they clearly make a great team and are wonderful collaborators.

Eddie Redmayne fans can watch his latest film, The Good Nurse, which is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. Those who want to watch the Fantastic Beasts films again can do so with an HBO Max subscription. Check out our 2022 movie release schedule for more information on other films hitting theaters and streaming this year.