Diddy admitted that he pays his barber a lot of money because he’s “outside, outside” and needs his hair done “every five minutes.”

Diddy understands the importance of looking and feeling good as a Hip-Hop icon and music industry mogul.

As he revealed in a recent video, the Bad Boy Records founder is willing to pay a style premium for a young, successful “Shawty Wop.” Diddy took to Instagram on Monday (Nov. 14) to show off his new haircut.

Diddy revealed, “It’s $1,000 a cut,” after showing off his freshly coiffed follicles. Knowing fans would be shocked, the “Gotta Move On” rapper explained, “For real, because this is my barber and I share my barber with the world, he’s one of the best.” But since I’m outside, I need my hair done every five minutes.”

Furthermore, Diddy is willing to pay even more if he has to keep his barber for the day. “My daily rate is $5,000,” he explained, adding, “I’m just telling you the truth.”

Diddy then addressed his celebrity barber, Marcus, saying, “I love you brother.” Don’t accept anything less than $1,000. “Know your worth, king.” Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Diddy doesn’t just pay top dollar for haircuts. Young Miami was overcome with emotion on Sunday (Nov. 13), flaunting the floral arrangements “Papi” – her nickname for Diddy – had given her.

The City Girls rapper captioned several photos of the stunning rose bouquets, “I’m crying.” “My heart can’t take it anymore.”

Yung Miami also revealed in a video that Diddy was the one who decorated her living room with roses. “I adore you!” “With love, Papi,” the florist’s card said.