Sylvester Stallone is a devoted father.

The actor, 76, spoke candidly to reporters while attending the Tulsa King premiere at Regal Union Square in New York City on Wednesday night. He said that his family is “all that matters” and that they are his “life’s work.”

Stallone remarked, “In life, all I want to do is establish my hopes and aspirations, and now it’s their turn.”

I’m embracing being cool since I won’t be around forever, which requires me to take a lot of you know what, he continued, laughing. However, it’s worthwhile.

Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin have three daughters: Sophia, age 26, Sistine, age 24, and Scarlet, age 20. From his first marriage to Sasha Czack, he also has a son named Seargeoh. Sage, his oldest child with Czack, passed away in 2012.

Additionally, Stallone hinted to the upcoming reality show about his family, saying that it “is going to shock people, for sure.”

Because, “Oh reality TV?” and “Does he need a job or something?” are frequently asked, the actor explained. “I believe I am experiencing a resurgence. Instead than when you’re Oprah or retiring, my time for this will demonstrate what it’s like. I’ll say it: it’s the best home movie ever.”

The actor claimed in a statement that he and Flavin were “amicably and quietly addressing these personal difficulties” when Flavin filed for divorce from Stallone in August. A source later revealed that Flavin and Stallone had reunited.

The Rocky actor talked about filming the reality series with his family and whether his recent reconciliation with Flavin, 54, will be featured in the program in a new cover story for The Hollywood Reporter.

Naturally, it’s a part of the act, Stallone stated. Life is what occurs when you’re making other plans, as John Lennon famously said. Ideally, the people you’re connected to are cognizant of life’s quirks, its fragility, and the rarity of truly satisfying relationships.

He continued, “Sometimes I prioritize work over [my family], and it is a catastrophic error that won’t happen again. The actor furthered his explanation to THR by saying that he felt “as though I spent a lot of time” in his professional life and “now I realize there are only so many bullets left in the pistol.”

Stallone’s most recent endeavor is Tulsa King, and the actor told reporters at the premiere that he is finally able to play “the kind of a dream role I’ve always wanted to play.”

He said, “A gangster. Not a cowboy. Not an Indian. A gangster. “Don’t ask me why, but these kinds of characters have a romanticism to them, and [I adore] the thought of transporting him out of New York,” the author said.

So he’s not like a Tony Soprano, Stallone continued, “he’s absolutely in a foreign universe.” He could as well wander the moon, in my opinion.

In addition, he observed, “to see a guy create his life, like making friends with rough guys, cowboys, Indians, nerds, computer geniuses, just all types of [people], he builds a new family that way.” As a result, the audience develops with him, and it also has a lot of heart.

On November 13, Tulsa King will start to stream on Paramount+.