This week, a showcase for independent games will be presented by Nintendo.

Nintendo has confirmed that the following Indie World Showcase will occur on Wednesday, November 9. The announcement was made via Twitter. On November 9, at 5 p.m. GMT, a presentation including information on future independent video games for the Nintendo Switch will begin.

The high-profile Nintendo Direct, which the publisher uses to showcase some of the more expensive games coming to the Switch, should not be confused with these indie-focused Showcases. The most recent Nintendo Direct included updates for well-known series like Fire Emblem and Pikmin as well as a long-awaited sneak peek at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the highly anticipated and successful successor to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Instead, smaller, independently produced games are the main focus. For an idea of what to anticipate, the previous Showcase (which took place back in May) revealed information on about 20 games, four of which were surprise releases, releasing on the same day as the showcase: Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Mini Motorways, Soundfall, and Opus: Echo of Starsong: Full Bloom Edition.

Other games in the Final Showcase included the strategy game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (created by Landfall), the action game We Are OFK (created by Team OFK), the puzzle game ElecHead (created by NamaTakahashi), and the life simulation game Ooblets (developed by Glumberland).

In other gaming news, Microsoft Studios president Matt Booty said that the 2021 first-person shooter Halo Infinite “fell short” in terms of providing post-launch content and said the game was “stumbling” at the finish line.

Booty said, “Shipping the game is just the beginning these days with a game like Halo Infinite. “A plan for content sustainability must exist.”