Dr. Dre gave a statement at Eminem’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that emphasized Em’s influence on the rap genre.

At the Rock Hall’s Class of 2022 induction event, which took place on Saturday, November 5, at the Microsoft Theater, Lionel Richie, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Dolly Parton, and Harry Belafonte were also honored for their contributions to music.

Dr. Dre went back to the beginning of his connection with Eminem, recalling how the revelation that Em was white, which “totally screwed [him] up,” came from Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records.

Jimmy Iovine, one of tonight’s inductees and also one of my closest friends, played me a demo tape from a man who went by the name of Eminem more than 20 years ago, Dre said. When I initially heard it, I exclaimed, “What the fuck did he just say?” I couldn’t stop listening to it since I was in love with it.

Jimmy called me a few days later and said, “You realize he’s a White person, right?” I’m screwed! the Mogul of the Aftermath continues. “Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it. Especially considering what he was saying, he clearly didn’t sound like a Black rapper. At the time, I was probably ignorant when I assumed that being a really talented rapper implied being Black.

Dr. Dre praised Eminem for the way his music “introduced Hip Hop to middle America” and “made us to confront our preconceptions” before noting how the three of them all staked on one another to launch Em’s career.

The two then performed a medley of classics, including “My Name Is” and “Rap God,” on stage together. Additionally, Steve Tyler was present when Eminem performed the Aerosmith sample from “Sing For The Moment” live.

Along with The Alchemist and Denaun Porter, he also enlisted Ed Sheeran and Elton John to assist him in performing “Stan,” “Forever,” and “Not Afraid.”

Slim Shady returned to the stage after the upbeat performance to give his acceptance speech, during which he modestly informed the crowd that he was “not intended to be here tonight.”

He cited three reasons for his struggle: “I’m a rapper, two, I almost died from an overdose, and three, I truly had to fight my way through.” I have a hip-hop education and I dropped out of high school.

Nearly 100 musicians, including LL Cool J and Run-DMC, whose Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies Eminem also attended, were thanked by Eminem for having affected his work.

According to the adage “success has many fathers,” I have several, Eminem remarked. I would never have or been able to do this s-t without some of the ground-breaking musicians I’m about to discuss right now, regardless of how much of an influence I may have had on Hip-Hop music.

And this is a list, man, I made this list yesterday,” he continued. And I kept adding to the garbage, adding to the garbage, and I’m sorry if I forgot somebody. But right here were my instructors.