Jay-Z is said to have backed out of the “handshake deal” he had with Bacardi over D’usse.

It was reported in October that the Roc Nation mogul was looking to sell his stake in D’usse to Bacardi. According to those reports, his company, SC Liquor, “negotiated [a 50-50 deal] in good faith” with Bacardi’s subsidiary, Empire Investments Inc. According to TMZ, Bacardi now claims that Hov “abruptly reneged on its agreement and doubled its demanded valuation.” They are also upset about his attempt to “outrageously inflate” the price.

According to the outlet, the Brooklyn native believes he is being undervalued. Empire Investments Inc., he believes, is attempting to “stall and stonewall” the transaction.

Prior to the sale rumors, the 52-year-old rapper sued Bacardi, claiming a lack of financial transparency in their collaboration. Hov demanded access to all of D’usse’s books and records, as well as the locations of all of its warehouses and barrel storages, in the lawsuit.

Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

SC Liquor stated in court documents that it must “monitor the conduct of [Bacardi’s] business to protect SC’s rights as” a partner with the company. According to Billboard, the legal team stated that “Empire sought to stall and stonewall SC’s efforts in an attempt to wrest SC’s 50% membership interest in D’Usse at a lower price by, among other things, refusing to provide necessary information.”

Since 2012, Hov and Bacardi have co-owned D’Usse, and the rapper has pushed the cognac to prominence through his hit records and lavish lifestyle.

A hearing on the lawsuit and its aftermath is set for Friday, November 4 in New York City.