Your antisemitic outbursts are so offensive that Kanye West is losing support from organizations with Nazi history.

His billionaire status was lost as a result of the several transactions he lost and the substantial number of his remaining supporters.

Kanye is only responsible for his actions, despite the fact that thieves and criminals have encouraged him along the road.

Now, Donda Sports is cutting ties with both Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown.

NBA player Jaylen Brown and NFL star Aaron Donald both made announcements on social media on Tuesday, October 25.

With Kanye West’s Donda Sports agency, both athletes have severed connections. The first person to sign with the agency was Brown.

The explanation is straightforward: Kanye’s antisemitic words were the tipping point following years of worrisome declarations and overt racism.

A joint statement was released by Aaron Donald and his wife, Erica. They mentioned Kanye’s prejudiced words as an example, citing “the recent comments and shows of hate and antisemitism.”

“Are the exact opposite of how we chose to live our lives and raise our children,” the joint statement added.

They said, “We find them to be reckless and go against all we believe in as a family.” We believed it was our duty as parents and society members to convey a strong message, they wrote. “Hateful words and deeds have consequences, and we must do better as humans,” is the message.

They wrote, “We do not feel that our opinions, voices, or actions belong anywhere near a space. A place “that misrepresents and oppresses people of any background, ethnicity, or color” is what they are referring to.

We’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful folks along the journey, Erica and Aaron Donald said.

And we aim to continue using our platform to uplift and encourage other families, kids, and communities,” the pair said in a joint statement.

They intend to continue doing so “via constructive outreach” moving forward.

The same day, Jaylen Brown tweeted about how his views have changed since his previous comments on the subject.

When West’s prejudiced rant first began, Brown had stated that he did not “condone” it, but he did not intend to leave Donda Sports.

He wrote on Twitter, “In the last 24 hours, I’ve been able to ponder and better understand.

“My prior words lack clarity in conveying my stance against recent inappropriate public remarks and actions,” Brown now realizes.

I’m sorry about that,” he wrote. And I want to be as explicit as I can in this.

“I have always, and I will always, stand vehemently against any antisemitism,” Brown reaffirmed.

“Hate speech, misrepresentation, and abusive rhetoric of any type,” he added to the list.

Brown said, “In light of that, after sharing in dialogues.”

I now see that there are circumstances in which my voice and position cannot coexist in contexts that are consistent with my stance or my ideals, he said.

Brown stated, “And for that reason, I am ending my connection with Donda Sports.” According to Brown’s letter, “I do seek to continue giving mentorship, love, and support to the great kids, teachers, and young athletes.”

During my time at Donda Academy, I was fortunate to develop friendships and relationships with these folks.

However, Kanye has poisoned his brand. He has become himself untouchable by choosing hate. Except, of course, by the thieves who initially encouraged him.