Jake Paul and Anderson Silva will face off against each other in just three days. This will be Paul’s most difficult test yet, and Silva’s most difficult boxing match to date. In any case, fans are eager to see how this all plays out.

Unfortunately, the fight may already be jeopardized. Silva admitted to being knocked out twice in training camp during an interview with MMA Weekly’s Jim Gries. This has piqued the interest of the Arizona Department of Gaming, which is in charge of ensuring that both fighters are physically fit to compete against one another.

“I’m working hard to win,” Silva said. “I’m training with good, high-level boxers, and five guys come to help me.” And in my last sparring session with [my partner], he knocked me out twice, and when I finished my training, I told my coach, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why the guys knocked me out twice?’ ‘You need to prepare for war, and you prepare for war,’ said the coach.

Being knocked out several times during training camp could be a red flag, especially given Silva’s age. According to TMZ, Silva’s coach, Luiz Carlos Dorea, believes Silva will be ready to play on Saturday.