Aaliyah’s co-star in “Romeo Must Die,” actor Isaiah Washington, hinted in an interview with Vlad TV that she was mature for her age and in charge of her relationship with R. Kelly.

In 1994, when Aaliyah was 15 years old and R. Kelly was 27 years old, they got married. Washington asserted in the interview that she was not a victim, despite the widespread perception that Kelly preyed on the late actress when she was just a teenager. While filming Romeo Must Die, he said that he had a “crush” on the “mystery” singer, who was then 21 years old, in part because of her maturity.

Washington stated that he thinks Aaliyah was in charge because of her mature nature in regards to the famed R. Kelly/Aaliyah connection. She was quite in charge of herself, but she was also a successful businesswoman. Very intelligent,” he said. “I believe that even at her age, she was in control of the scenario.”

He subsequently said, “She was 15 going on 30, so she was in control of that whole thing. “I don’t judge her, but she was extremely intelligent, mature, and in charge of her circumstance. I don’t think for a second that Aaliyah was forced to do anything against her will.
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