Shaquille O’Neal has spoken out about a song that was recorded with him, JAY-Z, Nas, and the late Notorious B.I.G. but was never released.

When N.O.R.E questioned The Big Diesel about the classic song during his appearance on Drink Champs, The Big Diesel revealed it.

The four-time NBA champion claims that publication and permission concerns prevented the release of the original song, which had all three legendary New York rappers. The four individuals named above as well as Lord Tariq appeared in the song, “No Love Lost.” People didn’t get it, but Shaq stated, “I didn’t take it personally.” “I’m pleased to be working with Nas in the studio. I got to call my son and invite him over by saying, “Nas here.” Jay is in here, I get to call my son and say. I get to tell my lads, “Yo Biggie at the house he’s about to hop in the seat,” when they call me. That is the main focus.

Not to diss you guys, but there wasn’t enough money in it, said Shaq. When they showed me the check when I reached platinum status, I thought it was “some nonsense.”

Nas is absent from the version that appeared on Shaq’s third studio album, You Can’t Stop The Reign. The song “You Can’t Stop The Reign” with Biggie, which also has a backstory, is included in the project.

Shaq discussed the background of the original version, which only the former NBA player has and which includes an unreleased verse by Biggie. Shaq claimed he was forced to omit the verse due of his demography.

Shaq admitted to Drink Champs, “So when I finally got the word that Big was going to do it, I recorded a verse but I didn’t like it. “My concern is that Big is entering. First and foremost, I need to win over Big because if Big says, “No, this is bad,” I’m out. I won’t be given another chance.

So I did it, I let my guys hear it, and I didn’t give a damn if he didn’t bob his head. I played it for my other boy, who didn’t enjoy it and said that it was a tight one. I’m anxious because Lil Cease and Big flew down.