When Jim Jones asserted that he had a video of his fight with Freddie Gibbs, old animosity reemerged.

The two rappers got into a fight in December 2021 in front of a posh steakhouse in Miami. According to eyewitness accounts, the groups met as Freddie’s gang entered the establishment and Jim’s posse was leaving. The two then started exchanging harsh words regarding some earlier disagreements they had.

Fists began flying not long after all hell broke free. However, the lack of footage makes it impossible to determine precisely what transpired. Some supposed eyewitnesses tweeted about their encounters. One of them tweeted:

“Just saw Jim Jones and his crew laying fools out in Miami on South Beach! It was Freddie Gibbs and his pose BTW… dudes got mad afterwards because we were laughing at how homeboy’s head repeatedly got slammed into the couch.”

Nearly a year later, the Dipset rapper claims to have video of the altercation that refutes Gibbs’ current assertion that it was merely a “food fight.”

The New Yorker said he might release the video, but he hasn’t done that yet. Instead, he published a video of himself discussing the beef.

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The Indiana musician was recently questioned about the incident in an appearance with The Breakfast Club, and he brushed off the claims that he had been physically assaulted.

I don’t have an issue with somebody succeeding more than me, he remarked, adding that I let street shit stay in the streets. “There was some rearranging of furniture, but it was like a food battle. Nothing crazy like that happened. Nobody had been screwed up to that time.