Despite the fact that Halloween may be the focus of attention this month, Christmas is actually not that far away. XYZ Films has announced a new film that aims to incorporate both holidays.

The Mean One, a new horror movie coming in December, has reportedly been unveiled by the production firm, according to All Grinch fans are aware of the allusion, and XYZ has included the well-known Christmas figure in a horror movie. According to the studio, they turned How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a 1957 Dr. Seuss classic, into a spooky spoof that was helmed by Terrifier actor David Howard Thornton.

According to Alex Williams, manager of acquisitions and development at XYZ Films, “The Mean One is exactly the kind of movie that lands on my personal “wish list” as a devoted lover of holiday horror (and the Terrifier franchise).

Williams remarked, “This movie is a wonderfully good time with a savagely subversive turn from David Howard Thornton. And this holiday season, XYZ Films is thrilled to present this soon-to-be-famous Christmas slasher to moviegoers. Thornton, John Bigham, Erik Baker, Chase Mullins, Flip Kobler, and Amy Schumacher will all appear in the slasher, which was written by Flip and Finn Kobler.

The Mean One is a hairy, green-skinned curmudgeon in a Santa suit who lives on a mountain above the town of Newville and despises the holiday season, according to the studio’s synopsis, which was issued before the official trailer. The Mean One butchered Cindy You-Know-parents Who were twenty Christmases prior, and she is now seeking closure by going back to the town. However, she is about to find out that this fiend with a heart two sizes too small is still quite anxious to cut the roast beast.

Check it out on December 15.