One of the most active defenders in the entire NBA is Draymond Green. Over the years, he has also developed a reputation for having a bad temper that frequently leads him into trouble. Although this was particularly the case during the 2016 NBA Finals, his approach has allowed him to capture four NBA championships.

In light of this, Green may very probably receive a suspension soon. Actually, his own team would be the one to suspend him for this. Shams Charania claims that Green hit Jordan Poole during a practice argument, and the Warriors will be taking action.

According to rumors, given how well he performed in the NBA Finals, Poole was acting out in practice and possibly displaying a new attitude. Green objected to the mindset, which ultimately resulted in a brawl. As a result, Green has apologized to the squad after team members felt that his actions were inappropriate.

Fans responded to the incident on Twitter with several memes during this time. There are numerous mentions of LeBron James and Green’s admiration for the Lakers player in the tweets that follow. Fans’ interpretations of what Poole must have said were very entertaining. View it for yourself.