One of the greatest basketball legends is Shaq. He was unquestionably the most dominant player in the NBA during his heyday, as seen by his early 2000s run with Kobe Bryant. He was a player that was impossible to stop, and you can’t help but admire everything he accomplished over the course of his career.

Shaq can currently be seen offering his opinions on the game on TNT. Even though they don’t always deserve it, Shaq has been highly critical of today’s celebrities. In any case, Shaq has established a reputation for having a lot of wisdom, and he is constantly eager to share details about his professional life and his present and past perspectives.

Shaq recently appeared on an episode of Drink Champs where he had the opportunity to discuss his career and his current thoughts on basketball. Shaq surprised everyone by saying he doesn’t miss playing basketball at all.

Shaq responded that the reason is entirely because he is no longer able to topple any more legendary figures when pressed for an explanation. There were players like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Hakeem Olajuwon when he was playing. Shaq used to watch these players on TV and finally wanted to defeat them. Now that Shaq’s role models are no longer playing, he finds the game to be much less enjoyable.

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Simply put, Shaq needs a rival, which he wouldn’t have if he were to play today. It’s a unique viewpoint that illustrates the caliber of rival Shaq is.