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TV Channels

1. A+ Cinema Award-Winning Selects

A+ Cinema is your must-go-to destination for finding good entertainment. Our hand-picked selections give you access to audience favorites, big award winners, including Oscar qualified movies, ground-breaking new filmmakers and cutting-edge stories that promise to challenge and delight.

2. Kung Fu Movies

Kung Fu Movies – Addresses the classic fight films along with the stories we have grown to love. Packed with all the major stars with all the right moves. Come and crack open your fortune cookie and find out the answer to Classic question is my kung fu is better than your kung fu…….. The answer lies here.

3. Celebrity Scene

Latest Hollywood gossip & news! Updated daily!

4. Urban Action Showcase Cinema

Urban Action Showcase Cinema (UASC) brings you the best in Independent and Mainstream Action Content. UASC showcases Features, Shorts, TV and Webseries, as well as New Media championing diverse heroic images that reflect multicultural interests in the blockbuster Action genre.

5. Ace TV

4ACETV CLASSIC HITS – Showcasing Music Video Hits From the Past . 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s.

6. Wild America TV

Wild America TV – Anchored with 12 seasons of the award winning PBS show “Wild America”. Also features a plethora of animal related shows and films such as “Rescue Vet”, “Dog Days”, “Give Me Shelter”, “Animal Attractions”, and many more.

7. A-Z B-Flix

a-z B-Flix – Most popular B-movies in the world. Watch movies from top talents before they were famous and discover some future stars.

8. Sports TV Plus

SportsTVplus – All sports all the time 24-7 auto racing, BMX, basketball, beach volleyball, combat sports, football, golf, soccer, and many more. Find your game, highlights & news right here!

9. Wrestling Legend Network

Wrestling Legends Network (WLN) – Wrestling Legends Network is the largest authorized source of classic wrestling in the industry. (800 hours) You will find classic matches featuring Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Buddy Rose, Fritz Von Eric, and so many more! The number 1 source for classic wrestling is Wrestling Legends Network.

10. The Western Channel

Take a trip back to the wild west with The Western Channel. All your favorite gun slinging western icons all in one place!

11. Bless TV

Bless TV is Faith and Lifestyle channel brings religious, Spiritual, Fitness, Yoga, Food, Health, Fashion, Environment, Music and Technology wrapped with entertainment. Bless TV connects you to the real blessings of life.

12. XCorps

The Xcorps is an Action Sports and Music TV show focusing on Extreme Sports and music hosted by a cool reporting team who ARE The Xcorps!

13. Daily Flash

Daily Flash is a fun, upbeat, daily show featuring soft news, fashion,entertainment and consumer trends! Host by Mitch English, Riesa Pascal.

14. Food By Binge

Food TV by Binge – Enjoy various Food shows and recipes including Savor it with Stacey, Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom, and Mindful Eating with Karen Mayo

15. 30 Sec

Xcorps Clips – Got a minute? Forget that, all you need is 30 seconds! Watch the fastest and the hottest extreme sports and fashion action on the planet. Xcorp Clips will blow you away!

16. Houston TV

NTV Houston, a news station dedicated to covering breaking news stories out of India, Pakistan, and South Asia.

17. Mimusica Hits

Music video channel featuring only the top-rated and streamed anglo music hits worldwide.

18. BEK TV

BEK TV is an independent and uncensored channel that features News & Opinion, Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle programming.