Shakira will formally be charged with tax fraud in court, NBC News reported, following her public denial that she did not pay taxes on revenue received between 2012 and 2014. On September 27, a judge in Spain authorized a trial against Shakira. The musician was charged with not paying over $14 million in taxes in 2018. In the event that Shakira is found guilty in this case, the prosecution is requesting an 8-year prison term as well as a fine. The trial has not yet been given a set date.

Previously, Shakira turned down a plea bargain that would have let her avoid appearing to court. Since the accusations were made against her, she has continued to insist on her innocence. Shakira allegedly spent more than 50% of the years 2012–2014 in Spain, where they contend she was legally required to pay taxes. Shakira lived in the Bahamas at the time, but she was romantically linked to Gerard Pique, who was based in Spain.

Recently, Shakira talked openly about her choice to stand trial and contest the allegations made against her. In a conversation with Elle, she emphasized that “these are baseless claims.” “First off, I didn’t spend anything like 183 days a year at that time. I was occupied attending to my obligations as a professional all around the world. Second, even before they brought a case, I paid what they claimed I owed. I have nothing to pay them as of right now.

The 45-year-old added that prosecutors launched a “salacious press campaign” against her in an effort to sway the public. It is well known that the Spanish tax authorities frequently treat average taxpayers unfairly, in addition to celebrities like me, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Neymar Alonso, and many more. It’s just their mannerisms. However, I am certain that I have established my case with sufficient evidence and that justice will be served in my favor.

Shakira claimed that the Spanish tax officials were attempting to recover her money in the case against her “no matter what.” She argued, “They knew I wasn’t in Spain for the necessary amount of time [to be obligated to pay taxes], that Spain wasn’t my place of work or my source of income]. However, they continued to pursue me with their sights set on the prize.