On Monday, Nicki Minaj criticized YouTube staffers for placing an age restriction on her Likkle Miss Remix music video.

The rapper for the Starships announced on Instagram that she had been issued a violation notice by YouTube staff because their platform deemed her video inappropriate for users under the age of 18. Her video would not be viewable by anyone under the age of 18, anyone using Restricted Mode, or anyone who was signed out due to the restriction.

Nicki allegedly accused YouTube executives of being “in bed” with competing labels and sent a copy of the message.

“Think about it. They blocked my fking video but their fake fking platform (sic) has a million fking times worse conditions, “Minaj penned. “They do this while running advertising for other people and posting fictitious statistics in an effort to prevent you from winning. Because a particular record label and management firm (sic) are cozying up to the same people that govern YouTube.”

She said in a subsequent post: “This was done in order to prevent us from receiving many views during the first 24 hours. The jerks at my label claimed we couldn’t pay promotion for my videos yet let people use them all the time to advertise weak s**t.”

She also posted a screenshot of a YouTube remark she made underneath one of her videos. “WHY TF (the f**k) YALL RESTRICT MY FKING VIDEO?!?” the post asks.

Nicki removed her comments once YouTube administrators removed the video’s age restriction.

Nicki tweeted in response to a supporter’s celebration of the removal on Monday: “DUMS, F**K THEM. CAN’T THEY TAKE AWAY OUR FIRST 24 HOURS FROM US? MISSION COMPLETED, then.”

The Sunday-released Likkle Miss Remix video, which has dancers twerking and making suggestive movements, features Nicki and her partner Skeng.