According to Tuesday’s report from ABC 9 KGUN Tuscon, Luke Bell’s accidental fentanyl overdose was the cause of death.

After going missing for six days, the country artist passed away at the age of 32 in Tuscon, Arizona, on August 26. An unresponsive Bell was discovered at the location, along with drug paraphernalia, according to an autopsy report from the Pima County Medical Examiner’s office that the local news source claimed to have obtained.

According to The US Sun, Bell apparently had arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease as well as had a blood alcohol level of 0.076 at the time of his death.

Bell’s friend Matt Kinman informed Saving Country Music on August 29 that Bell had passed away. According to the Tucson Police Department, the musician was located near to where he vanished.

Bell was identified as having bipolar disease, and, according to Saving Country Music, his “mental state took a turn for the worse” recently.

Bell’s manager, Brian Buchanan, stated on Wednesday that Bell “battled this as hard as he could, but the sickness got the better of him.” “He was the sweetest and most giving man when he was fighting the illness. Now that he’s at peace, there is some solace.”

After Bell was discovered dead, the family of the country singer released a statement saying they had “lost our dear son, brother, and friend and we are sad.”

The family continued in their statement, “Unfortunately Luke had the affliction of mental illness, which developed following his father’s death in 2015.” “Luke’s wonderful family and friends helped him get through his illness. Despite this, he was unable to get the assistance he need to relieve his suffering.”

“Our hearts go out to the millions of people impacted by mental illness who, like us, understand the heartbreaking disappointment of a system that constantly fails to deliver loving answers to those who suffer,” the family continued.

Bell had “a loving heart, a wanderer’s spirit, and a musical ability that he was lucky to share with us and the world,” according to his loved ones, who commended him for these qualities.

“We are so appreciative of Luke’s friends and followers for supporting him and his music. We appreciate all of Luke’s supporters, close friends, and family members who have been sharing memories of good times spent with him “they went on.

“We humbly want privacy as we work through our grief so that we have space to mourn and pay tribute to his memory. The idea that beloved Luke is now at peace and free is the one thing that gives us solace “Finally, the family said.

Text “STRENGTH” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 if you or someone you know needs mental health assistance to speak with a trained crisis counselor.