Check out the post below for the official announcement of ‘This Is Why,’ the first new single from Paramore in more than five years.

Prior to a return to the stage at the beginning of next month, the group, which is lead by Hayley Williams, has recently been teasing their impending reunion on social media.

The band’s Discord channel posted a preview of a new song last week, and a second clip later surfaced on TikTok. The latter preview was posted to the “isthiswhyisthisiswhy” account.

This Is Why, a new song by Paramore, will be released on September 28. This was announced today (September 16). Here, you can pre-add or pre-save it.

The news is accompanied by what appears to be the impending single’s official artwork. Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro each used a different section of the picture as their new social media profile pictures last week.

The image depicts the group leaning against a window that has condensation on it. Check out the tweet below with the announcement.

On their website, Paramore changed a cryptic itinerary yesterday (September 15), adding the notation “p.s. T.I.W.” next to the current date. On Monday, the group will “start spreading the news,” according to the calendar (September 19).

Since the release of ‘After Laughter,’ their fifth studio album, in 2017, “This Is Why” will be Paramore’s first new music.

Paramore had disclosed in January that they were in the studio creating a follow-up album.

Williams revealed at the time that before starting to write the LP, she and York had been reminiscing about some of their first influences. The group clarified that this did not imply that they would immediately start working on a “comeback ’emo’ record.”

The frontwoman of Paramore provided another update on their sixth studio album this summer, revealing that Bloc Party had been a significant influence.

On October 2, Paramore will launch a North American headline tour that includes two recently announced performances in Los Angeles. Fans will have “a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Paramore in a range of intimate locations” during the tour.

Additionally, Paramore will perform at the Corona Capital festival in Mexico City, the Austin City Limits festival in Texas, and the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas.

Hayley Williams has released two solo albums since “After Laughter”: “Petals For Armor” (2020) and “Flowers For Vases / Descansos” (2021).