According to Friday actor Faizon Love, Snoop Dogg had a greater influence on Hip Hop culture than 2Pac.

The flamboyant comic was challenged to defend his earlier remarks that Snoop was “larger” than 2Pac at the height of his career during a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue.

He claimed that Snoop was the most well-known rapper at the time of his debut. “And then he started to descend. Snoop Dogg had muthafuckas waiting around the corner at every record [shop] when he first appeared, and Pac was in trouble. Pac was a prisoner.

Snoop was still the most well-known rapper of all time and was charged with murder when ‘Pac arrived at Death Row. Ever. That is what I said. I’m not sure when ‘Pac died, but he became bigger.

Love firmly said, “Snoop had the biggest [album release],” when asked whether album release was “bigger,” Snoop Dogg’s 1993 debut Doggystyle or 2Pac’s 1996 double album All Eyez On Me. You can research that. You can find out what Snoop sold that week from them. Snoop had both whites and blacks. N-gas was in 2Pac. Snoop was an anomaly.

It was discovered after a brief Google search that Love was correct. In its first week, Doggystyle sold more than 806,000 copies while All Eyez On Me brought in about 566,000.

Love said, “That was the first week.” “Snoop appeared on MTV, the music awards, and other nonsense. ‘Pac was a prisoner. I believe Soul Train was the only award ceremony that ‘Pac hosted. White people and Black people camped out in front of Tower Records and any other business that sells records. I thought, “Damn! What the ****?

While 2Pac has sold almost 75 million albums despite being murdered in 1996, Snoop Dogg has gone on to sell more than 37 million albums globally and is still going.

The Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo was the subject of controversy after former Mad TV actor Aries Spears compared her to “the shit emoji” and “a dish of mashed potatoes” in the same interview. Love addressed the situation.

“The comments are foolish in and of themselves,” he remarked. “Lizzo is a phenomenon and she is extremely talented, whereas he is not. He just has one gear. His name is Yo, son. However, if you are familiar with Aries Spears’ tale, you may recall that as children, we first saw him on a Def Jam album. 13 or 14 years old, he was. They sent him by plane to Hollywood in the hopes that he would succeed Eddie Murphy and “wamp, wamp.” He was furious.

I had planned to slap the crap out of him once. such as this stupid muthafucka. He was such an arrogant kid at the comedy store that so many muthafuckas were going to whoop his ass. One of the shows he and Dave Chappelle would land deals for was South of Sunset, but they would end up doing nothing but “wamp, wamp.”