Taylor Pomaski’s body had been discovered in December of the previous year.

This week, the Houston Chronicle published a story about Kevin Ware, a former player for the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Commanders, which raised some alarming NFL news.

For those who don’t know, Ware’s girlfriend vanished in April 2021, and her whereabouts were the subject of an extensive search. Her remains were eventually discovered in a ditch in Harris County. Eight months later, when the remains were discovered, the police instantly saw that she had been severely burned. Ware was a person of interest at the time, but he has now been charged with murder and tampering.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Police are accusing Ware of murdering his girlfriend and then burning her remains as a way to dispose of the evidence. The circumstances surrounding Taylor Pomaski’s disappearance are strange, especially since she was last seen at a party with Ware. Witnesses say the two had gotten into a pretty heated argument, and from there, she was never heard from again.

Ware is expected to be in court next week, and there is no telling whether or not he will be released on bond, especially since prosecutors want his bond set at $1 million.

Ware is facing a life sentence if he is found guilty.