On Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Lizzo sent a message to her detractors: she is a victor.

The 34-year-old “About Damn Time” singer thanked her supporters for “supporting me and loving on me” before hitting out her detractors as she accepted her trophy in the video for good category.

In a nod to Nicki Minaj’s virtually identical opening to the 2015 VMAs, she remarked, “And now, for bitches that got something to say about me in the press.” “I tell you what. I’m not going to remain silent.”

“They say, “Lizzo,” Why not return the clap? Because, bitch, I’m winning, hoe!, why don’t you clap back “Lizzo replied as loud applause erupted. “Big bitch is winning, ho! Your paper will do the trick, bitch!”

Later, she jokingly tweeted, “KEEP MY NAME IN YO MOUF CUS I KNOW IT TASTE GOOD BITCH,” along with a tape of her speech.

Days after comedian Aries Spears made body-shaming statements about her in an interview with The Art of Dialogue, the singer of “Truth Hurts” made the remarks.

Spears answered to a question about Lizzo’s music by saying, “I can’t get beyond the fact that she looks like the s—- emoji.” “Despite having a really attractive face, she constantly flaunts her body. Come on you, like.”

He apologized, saying that although he isn’t “the most in shape,” he is “funny, has swagger and confidence, and is at least decent looking” enough to draw interest from the other sex.

A woman that is built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble, he continued, adding, “I guess I’m at least handsome.”

He continued by criticizing women for their “hypocrisy” in praising sisterhood and body confidence while remaining silent about health hazards like “diabetes,” “heart difficulties,” “heart disease,” and “cholesterol.”

“You’ll criticize me for making jokes, but you won’t be honest and tell me to put the éclair down, sister. It’s not this. Time to use the treadmill.” 989

Lizzo has openly discussed her past difficulties with body image. She has long been a proponent of a positive self-image and exhorts her fans to love their bodies regardless of size.

“Health is not solely based by what you look like on the exterior,” she added, criticizing individuals who think people with larger bodies have health problems by default.

“The bogus physicians who post statements like, “Oh, you have this,” or “You possibly have this ailment,” really annoy me. No. What if all I am is fat? What if all of this is my body? “Last March, she claimed. “Not all bodies are built to be lean with a six-pack. You get what I’m saying?”

Lizzo talked to a source in March for a cover story on the Women Changing the World issue on being confident in her own skin regardless of what people think.

“I believe my body is incredibly attractive! Every day, I’m embracing the fact that I’m a body symbol “At the time, she stated. “It might not be everyone’s ideal body type, much like Kim Kardashian, for example, might not be everyone’s ideal, but she is a body icon and has established the bar for beauty in the present era. And I’m using my confidence and authority to establish my own definition of beauty. And eventually, that will be taken for granted.”

Regarding her detractors, Lizzo said in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 that they “there’s levels to me that they don’t embrace,” which makes them use her as “some type of humor.”

Because of who I am and how I choose to exist, she claimed, “I’ve discovered that whenever I put myself in a public arena, I usually get some form of blowback or criticism.”

People use criticism as leverage and attention, she added, because it makes them “feel good.” She has also made every effort not to think about them.