The principal antagonist of the most recent season of the science fiction series, Vecna, was revealed to be the song that David Harbour from Stranger Things would sing to escape her.

Vecna was first shown in Stranger Things 4, which debuted in May of this year. Vecna has supernatural powers that enable him to stalk (and ultimately kill) his victims, but the so-called “curse” can be broken when the victim hears their favorite song.

Harbour, who plays local sheriff Jim Hopper on the program, discussed his own potential ways to break Vecna’s curse in an interview with E! News yesterday (August 18), referencing his “embarrassing” musical preferences from his undergraduate years in the 1990s.

“My musical preferences are just so embarrassing, so I never share them. The early 1990s were the period of my undergraduate years. So that’s really where music really started to become significant, Harbour continued before naming Stone Temple Pilots and Counting Crows as his favorite bands for his dorm room.

Harbour told the latter that the song “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows, from their 1993 album “August And Everything After,” would be the one to save him. The actor jokingly said, “I’m sure [the song] would bring me back. Bring me back to college!”

Harbour has previously given the San Francisco seven-piece high acclaim. In June, he listed the group as another potential curse-breaker along with Train and Tones And I, acknowledging that his selections “show how goofy I am.”

“I suppose [Tones] would be in charge if Vecna caught me right now. And I’m “Dance Monkey”],” Harbour reportedly told Uproxx. The most of the music is dreadful ’90s rock ballads, similar to what I listened to while doing marijuana in college. similar to “Drops Of Jupiter” by Train I know I’m showing my ’90s, but that’s it for me.

Harbour follows a long list of his Stranger Things cast mates in revealing their Vecna song of choice. While co-star Noah Schnapp jokingly referred to Cardi B’s “WAP” as his favorite in May, Millie Bobby Brown claimed that the TREASURE song “JIKJIN” could “cure [her] from everything.” Sadie Sink, who appeared in both Taylor Swift’s short film All Too Well and Stranger Things, said that the Swift song “August” will save her from Vecna’s curse.

Following its inclusion in Stranger Things 4, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” have experienced newfound success, earning the artists reported royalties of $2.3 million and significant streaming increases, respectively.