There is still a lot of worry about Wendy Williams’ health even though she is apparently moving through with her new plan to return to the airways.

Since Williams passed out on live television in 2017, rumors and questions have been rampant, but the daytime talk show host’s health has grown increasingly concerning in recent months since she was unable to return for The Wendy Williams Show’s eventual final season. Her former employees have shed some light on what transpired during that trying time in the project’s production, citing a Zoom discussion with the media personality before the decision to terminate the show.

Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, co-presidents of Debmar-Mercury, convened a Zoom call on September 30 of last year to update Wendy Williams’ staff on the postponement of Season 13’s debut from its original September 20 premiere date, according to THR. But with many of the 100 staff members of the Wendy Williams Show there, either physically or virtually, the meeting quickly turned sour, with complaints that Williams did not appear like herself and that her speech had become jumbled. According to an insider, the meeting went like this:

It appears that the co-presidents spent the two hours leading up to the meeting conversing with Wendy Williams and practicing what she would say. But the Zoom discussion abruptly stopped, adding to the uncertainty when they discovered the staff was getting more worried than their anxieties had been allayed.

The virtual meeting indicated above took place in the studio with around 50 members of the crew, and Lonnie Burstein, vice president of Debmar-Mercury, said that’s when the truth hit them all. He said this:

On Instagram, it was stated later that day that The Wendy Williams Show will experience a further delay and that new episodes would resume on October 18. But when Season 13 did begin, the titular presenter was still missing, and substitute hosts kept Wendy Williams’ spot throughout the season.

Sherri, a new program hosted by Sherri Shepherd, will officially take the position of The Wendy Williams Show as of February. The former star of the View has been stepping in for Wendy Williams frequently, and her programs apparently attracted the highest ratings and audience figures, earning her the new position.

Williams’ health state hasn’t changed much in the past almost a year. She allegedly claimed to have gotten married early in August, which her brother Tommy Williams described as “extremely unsettling” because it was untrue. In recent months, he has also spoken out about the “heart-wrenching” circumstance, since Wendy reportedly does not feel the need for assistance.

It’s simple to understand why there was so much uncertainty and concern regarding the staff meeting that was held before to Season 13 in light of this new knowledge. The fact that Wendy Williams’ loved ones are still in that condition now is equally depressing. As always, we wish the venerable media figure the best.