T.I. has acknowledged that he got into a fight with Drew Taggert of The Chainsmokers.

On August 17, the Atlanta rapper addressed Taggert’s claim that Tip punched him in the face in a nightclub on social media.

In a video posted online, T.I. remarked, “Love The Chainsmokers, they make excellent music, you know.” There isn’t much more to the narrative than what you’ve already heard, in my opinion.

The most crucial thing to remember, he said, is that we had a drink, took a shot, and then went on. I’m enjoying the party and having a great time.

T.I. claimed that although he continues to be a fan of the EDM/dance group, he does not seek “sugar” from any of them. The rapper, however, requested the group to join him on his ExpediTIously podcast for a discussion to show that he is a true fan.

In fact, I’d really want to have you guys, T.I. said. “I was considering inviting some guests over right away. If you can find the time to just sit down and chop it up, I would love to have you guys on ExpediTIously. If you have any free time, I’d love to kick it with you. Let’s get a vibe, you know.

The Chainsmokers from New York published a video to their TikTok account with the headline “When meeting T.I. goes wrong,” which is when the incident involving Tip and them began. Taggert may be seen hanging out with the rapper in the video. When Taggert revealed what had just occurred to him, what had initially appeared to be a routine chat became interesting.

As his bandmate Alex Pall Pall giggled in the background, he continued, “T.I. just literally punched me in the face.” We’re feeling each other, and I accidentally kissed him on the cheek.

Then he said, “Don’t do that. And I said, “OK.” He pulled me away, and I said, “Okay, my bad.” And he said, “Okay okay, we’re good,” The interaction was the strangest one ever.

First of all, T.I. is wholly in the right here, he continued. I gave T.I. a cheek kiss because I was sensing the vibes far too strongly. And as punishment, he struck me in the face! Everything is fine.


My bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?

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At the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Rep. Debra Bazemore (D-GA) recently honored T.I. with the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award for his civic engagement in his own Georgia.

T.I.’s acceptance speech included the following quote: “In the larger scheme of things, we are only here on Earth in this life for a brief amount of time, and once we depart, people won’t remember the clothing we wore or the things we had.”

“Our only significance to our family, our kids, and what we were able to accomplish for others will be how we are remembered.”