The virtual cast’s developer mentioned that Mecha is built using hundreds of data points gathered from video games and social media at the time, which we’ll discuss later.

After exactly one year, FN Meka has amassed over 10 million Tiktok followers.

In addition, one of the biggest musical labels in the world, Capitol Records / Capital Music Group, has “signed” him.

In addition to becoming the “first AR artist” to sign with a big label, Capital boasts that FN Meka, who has amassed over a billion views on TikTok, is the top “virtual creature” on the video site.

His first single on a major label, Florida Water, was released today and features professional Fortnite player Clix and Board Chart-topper Gunna (Friday, August 12).

Turbo (Travis Scott, Young Thug, Lil Baby) produced it, and DJ Holiday (Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj) oversaw the executive production.

FN Meka

The project “meets at the confluence of music, technology, and gaming culture,” according to Ryan Ruden, executive vice president of experimental marketing and business development at Capital Music Group, who told MBW that it is “only a preview of what is to come.”

Ruden continued, “This latest collaboration with FN Meka and Clix is merely an outgrowth of Capitol Records’ 80-year legacy of invention, even though it is the first of its type.”

The action comes after the Capitol’s most audacious to yet, which was initiated by Michel Jubelirer, who was nominated as president and CEO. Dec. 2021 will see Capital Music Group K.

“FN Meka is technically voiced by a person. However, everything else about him is dependent on AI, including his words and the chords and tempo that support his music.

FN Meka

in addition to the release This “unique cooperation” with royalty-free music startup for streaming platforms is described by Florida Water Capital as thus.

Florida Water Music is now accessible to creators so they can use it on Twitch and YouTube “without commercialization or takedowns.” describes itself as a “Producer Safe Music Platform” and just received a $7.5 million Series A fundraising round from investors Third Prime, Sony Music Entertainment, and Lightshade Ventures.

Entrepreneurs David Carson (creator of Fuse,, and New Stand), Dan Demoley (founder of Jingle Punks), and Jesse Corwin launched it (Jingle Punks CMO).

The portal provides what it refers to as “genuine music from real artists” in the form of a “copyright strike safe” library of more than 100,000 tracks and sound effects.

Anthony Martini, a veteran of the music business, resigned as CEO of the royalties exchange in December. and became the Chief Music Officer and a Partner of

Additionally, Martini is a founding member of Factory New, the “virtual” record company that once “signed” FN Meka.

Martini stated that the business has created “proprietary AI technology that evaluates some popular songs from a particular genre and generates recommendations for different parts of song creation: lyrical content, chords, etc., melody, tempo, noises, etc.” in an interview with MBW last year. Then, we combine these components to create a song.

Currently, a human voice delivers the singing, but we’re aiming to develop a computer that can execute our words even more effectively than previous computers, he stated. working together as a “co-writer” as well.

Major labels are involving more and more virtual artists in their business.

the Capital Music Group’s owner Group Universal Music Consider making a trend investment through its web3 label at 10:22 PM or using the Virtual NFT band with KINGSHIP. UMG concurrence Avatars and digital wearables for UMG’s artist roster were created last year through an expanded international relationship with “Avatar Technology Company” Genies.

Strike recently appeared on Warner Records. a worldwide collaboration between the “Metaverse Girl Group” girl group Espa—which consists of four real members and four virtual ones—and the K-pop behemoth SM Entertainment. In the meantime, Ha Xiang, a virtual artist or “virtual sculpture,” and Warner Music Group, a pan-Asian dance label in China that broke weight records last year, negotiated a contract.

The use of virtual representations of its real-life performers has also been tested by Sony Music. Roblox, a gaming platform

Spirit Bomb, whose virtual artists include Xen, SUBI, and AntiFragile, is another significant player in the virtual artist market. These avatars play the music that was composed by real artists and record producers.

With Lil Miquela’s 3 million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners, more popular VR artists can be noticed. League of Legends K-Pop Band, K/DA – Voiced by humans, but in front of avatars – is available on Spotify concurrently.

Speaking on the need to support the growth of virtual artists at his MBW Interview Anthony Martini, now the head of music strategy at, was The old technique of finding talent is ineffective and unreliable, to use your own words, buddy.

It entails searching the internet, going to performances, flying to meetings, and spending money in search of a special amalgamation of all the elements that just turn into a superstar act.

FN Meka, a virtual artist, has just acquired a contract with Capitol Records. Meka has one million followers on Tiktok. On Tiktok, he has more than 10 million fans.